OzMag: Garrison 7 Casting Announcement

Written by Scott Brewer (Founder of Gena8 and Director of Garrison 7) and Evette Henderson (Casting Director/OzMag/Oz Casting):

“This is what it’s all about…when you work your butt off to not only make my dream come true, but others as well. I’ve been smashed with audition submissions since the birth of #Garrison7 about 2 years ago. It’s taken that long and loads of hours watching reels to reach the all time high of casting the perfect actor for a very important role: my son. Without any further ado and my great honour to ANNOUNCE our latest addition to the Garrison 7 team: Luis Barnett has officially been cast as Tom Garrison’s son, Connor. To say he nailed his audition is an understatement. His commitment and preparation was like nothing we’ve seen before. My Casting Director and I were trying our best not to show how excited we were in front of him, but dang! It’s hard when someone’s that good! Congratulations Luis. Wrapped to have you on board mate. Not only are you talented, but you’ve shown such dedication by flying yourself down to Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Thank you!”


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